About Us

In 1962 R. G. Ridgway and Annabella Richardi partnered with Ray Johnson to form R & J MFG. Co. The idea was simple enough, create custom seals to fill customer needs in a repeatable and reliable manner. After nearly a decade of producing Rubber seals that met or exceeded customer expectations R & J MFG. Co. was given the opportunity design and build an ELECTRICAL TEST CONNECTOR that could test coils for the automobile industry.

Founder’s thought:

While working for the famed TURNER BROTHERS CORPORATION in the 1950’s, R. G. RIDGWAY had an epiphany.”What if” he thought “instead of cutting and grinding rubber sheet into seals for the machines being built by TURNER BROS. we could make a multiple cavity mold and be able to make repeatedly sized seals to meet customer demand”.

Built upon these foundations, R & J MFG. Co. has evolved through the ups and downs of the automotive testing fields to become a premier LEAK TEST SEAL and ELECTRICAL TEST CONNECTOR powerhouse on a global scale. The 2nd generation of the RIDGWAY family continues to Share the idea of the 1st generation. Create custom made LEAK TEST SEALS and ELECTRICAL TEST CONNECTORS that meet or exceed customer expectations.